Use a facebook qr code to boost facebook engagement

While scannable code images which connect users to lớn your accounts more easily come with a lot of promise, they never seem khổng lồ catch on the way the networks seem to expect. Sure, taking a picture of something with your phone camera would appear khổng lồ be a much more convenient way to lớn connect, but it seems that most people are fine with searching and finding it themselves.

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Yet, social platforms keep rolling out QR codes to connect users lớn profiles.

The lathử nghiệm on this front is Facebook, which is offering a new QR code option for Pages, including posters you can use to lớn promote your account.


First spotted by Jane Manchun Wong (và shared by Matt Navarra), the new option enables Page managers lớn create a range of scannable QR images for their Page, presented in various formats.


There’s also a range of options on the actions users can take when they can in the code. Page managers can choose a code that:

Automatically Likes the Page on the users’ behalfChecks in to lớn your business locationConnects lớn a recommendation screen for the PageConnects khổng lồ your ‘View Offers’ listingConnects to a reviews Page

There are some interesting options there, and with Facebook continuing khổng lồ push the use of its Camera, it makes sense for The Social Network lớn be encouraging the adoption of such tools.

But the key question is whether they’ll catch on, & what they’ll add lớn the discovery process.

As noted, QR codes, in varying forms, are now available on virtually all the major platforms.

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For example:

As you can see, there’s no shortage of QR code options available, but I’m willing lớn bet that you weren’t aware of at least a couple of those. That somewhat underlines the point – while QR code options are available, they’re not overly popular, at least not in most regions.

That said, QR codes have become particularly popular in nhật bản and China. According khổng lồ The Economist, QR codes enabled more than $1.65 trillion in mobile payments in these two countries alone in 2016. That could be why social platforms see such opportunity in the option – not only are they catering khổng lồ users in these regions (those who can access their platforms anyway), but they may also be anticipating that the trend in usage will spread khổng lồ other areas.

Thus far, however, that hasn’t been the case – though there have sầu been some more innovative & interesting uses of QR codes that could spark more interest.

Last year, Facebook started testing out a new QR ‘Rewards’ program, which would theoretically enable Pages khổng lồ use specific QR codes for products và have them linked baông xã lớn people’s Facebook accounts.


That would enable brands to better link their online ad efforts with offline results – each time a user utilized a QR code, that’s a clear result of the Facebook campaign. If Facebook were lớn also incentivize such actions by adding a special ‘Rewards’ page, with Page offers highlighted, that could provide a range of benefits.

Facebook hasn’t looked to push this as yet, but that seems lượt thích a more interesting, and engaging way to utilize QR codes. But then again, as noted, the larger emphasis for Facebook could merely be on encouraging more use of the Facebook Camera, which they’ve sầu been ramping up by adding in more & more Facebook Stories options.

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Really, it does seem like QR codes need something more to lớn get people engaged, và extra motivation to lớn get them scanning. Maybe Facebook could help improve take-up as they integrate QR codes inlớn their new, image-recognition triggered AR experiences.

Either way, you now have more QR code options – if you want khổng lồ kiểm tra them out for your own Page, try out this liên kết, but with your Page name replacing the ‘PAGENAME” indicator:

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