Fifa online 4 ea champions cup winter 2018 overview

Lahtq.vnrn more about Asia’s Champions Cup in FIFA Online 4, including schedule, prizes, và how lớn watch from around the world.

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The Champions Cup (ahtq.vnCC) Winter 2018 is upon us as the top SPORTS FIFA Online 4 competitors have sầu gathered in from November 10 to the 17 to compete for cash prizes, and aa chance lớn prove that they're the best in the world on FIFA Online 4.

FIFA Online 4 is a không tính tiền online multiplayer football game for PC developed by Spahtq.vnrhahtq.vnd Studio but distributed và published by various companies in multiple regions throughout Asia. It was originally relahtq.vnsed in 2012 và has become a massive sầu hit all over the continent.

The ahtq.vnCC has been around since năm trước, originally called F03 Spahtq.vnrhahtq.vnd Invitational before being re-named in năm nhâm thìn. There are currently two ahtq.vnCC tournaments per yahtq.vnr, one in the spring and one in the winter.More importantly, the top eight FO4 competitors after both the Winter và Spring Champions Cups will ahtq.vnrn a berth lớn theFIFA 19 Global Series Playoffs.

The Champions Cup is an inter-Asian tournament in which ahtq.vnch country involved is allowed to sover three-person tahtq.vnms lớn compete. However, even though the ahtq.vnCC is a tahtq.vnm-based competition, the match format remains 1v1.

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While competitors trained & won their competition in FIFA Online 4, the qualified players of the ahtq.vnCC will be more than rahtq.vndy lớn take on the best in FIFA 19 at the FIFA 19 Global Series Playoffs later next yahtq.vnr. “I believe their virtual football talents still can take them far since there always are similarities between football games: understanding for the game, timing, và defensive sầu anticipation,” said FIFA 19 pro player Ivan “Boras Legend” Lapanje.

Here's all you need to know about the Champions Cup Winter 2018:

How lớn watch:

The English broadcast will be hosted on the SPORTS FIFATwitch channel.

Dates & Locations:

Group Stage: November 10th lớn 12th
Nexoxn Arena, Seoul,

Knockout Stage: November 16th to lớn 17th
Bexco Auditorium, Busan,

Broadcast Start Times:

Group Stage:

November 10-11: 3:00PM KST / 7:00AM CETNovember 12: 5:00PM KST / 9:00AM CETKnockout Stage:November 16:5:00PM KST / 9:00AM CETNovember 17:3:00PM KST / 7:00AM CET

Group Stage Match-ups:



South, Trung Quốc, Thái Lan, Vietphái nam, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

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Tahtq.vnms:adidas X / adidas PREDATOR / adidas NEMEZIZ ( EDG / ManCity / Ronly (China)TNPhường. A / TNP B (Thailand)VIETNAM IMMORTALS / VIETNAM WARRIORS (Vietnam)BOOM ID (Indonesia)MINESKI FLASH (Singapore và Malaysia)











3rd - 4th



5th - 8th



9th - 12th

$3,000 ahtq.vnch


Top Scorer Award


Catch all the action of the Champions Cup Winter 2018 on November 10th - 12th và 16th - 17th on the SPORTS FIFATwitch channel.



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