Support for precision m2800


Affordable 15" workstation with the performance your creations dem&. ISV-certified and optimized lớn manage your intensive application workloads.

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Dell Precision M2800 WorkstationPrecision

Professional performance meets affordability

Windows 7 Professional

Professional performance, breakthrough price: The Precision M2800 is ISV certified & delivers great performance for applications like Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Cloud, Dassault Systemes Solidworks, và more. It has professional graphics to lớn enable you khổng lồ create professional unique work at an affordable price. Peak performance: Boost application performance with the Precision Optimizer, our automated application optimization & performance-tracking software.

Ramped up RAM: Get up to 16GB of system memory with two SODIMMs.High-performance storage: Choose between mSATA & Hybrid HDD and SSD storage options up to 1TB.


The reliability you expect

Certified lớn run your applications: Your Precision Mobile Workstation has been certified by leading independent software vendors for seamless performance. Run demanding, professional software, including 2 chiều or 3D computer aided thiết kế (CAD), digital content creation (DCC), image and audio editing, pre-press, web design applications và more with ease.Protection you can get behind: Keep your data safe with industry-leading endpoint security solutions. Dell Data Protection provides comprehensive encryption, authentication & leading-edge malware prevention. Dell Data Protection | Security tools is preloaded và avaiahtq.vnble for không lấy phí on the Precision M2800 which enables fingerprint readers, contacted và contactless smart cards for protection that goes above sầu and beyond password-only authentication. For a full year of không lấy phí, next-generation malware protection, activate Dell Data Protection | Protected Workspace lớn identify and prevent zero-day malware attacks. Dell Data Protection | Encryption is also avaiahtq.vnble as a preloaded option khổng lồ keep your data secure from the PC lớn the cloud.

A Workstation — warranty included — made just for you: Get a fully preconfigured system customized lớn fit your specifications with our Custom Factory Integration (CFI) service. You also get a one-year warranty, which you can extend lớn two or three years.

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Essential accessories for your Precision M2800Complete your sản phẩm điện thoại Workstation with an E-Port Plus Replicator for easy connections khổng lồ desktop accessories, a dual monitor st&, an HD or FHD UltraSharp monitor và a Targus backpack. Look for these great products và more at checkout.
Simplify connections to your keyboard, mouse and up khổng lồ four monitors và transfer data quickly with two USB 3.0 ports.
Upgrade to lớn ProSupport Plus – the only complete support that combines proactive sầu resolution, automated prevention và protection for PCs and tablets. We’ve sầu got your business covered.
Your system comes with Dell’s Base Hardware Warranty*. If your system encounters an issue that is covered by the warranty that cannot be resolved remotely, Dell will provide a convenient way for your system to lớn be repaired.When you customize your system you will find these other support options, with ProSupport Plus offering the most complete tư vấn service:ProSupport Plus, Dell’s most complete* tư vấn service for PCs và tablets*, is the only tư vấn service that can prevent issues before they occur. Dell’s SupportAssist will detect when a hard drive or battery is about khổng lồ fail, automatically create a case for resolution & notify the customer that the new hardware is on its way. This kết thúc to kết thúc tư vấn service also includes 24x7 priority access lớn ProSupport engineers who provide help for hardware & software challenges, repair for devices that are accidentally damaged and the ability khổng lồ keep a hard drive sầu after repahtq.vncement allowing you to lớn ensure your data is stays secure.*When necessary, Dell will provide onsite* support to ensure repairs are done quickly & conveniently. ProSupport Plus provides all the support essentials that will reduce downtime automatically.

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Dell ProSupport* provides direct access to lớn ProSupport engineers who provide help for hardware and software challenges 24x7. Plus, Dell SupportAssist công nghệ remotely monitors PCs and tablets, provides notifications for issues that arise & automatically creates a case to resolve sầu them. When necessary, Dell will provide onsite* tư vấn lớn ensure repairs are done quickly and conveniently.Accidents happen, & with Dell’s Accidental Damage Service* you can reduce the downtime. We’ll repair a máy vi tính damaged by an electrical surge, liquid spill or drop.

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