How to turn on chrome dark mode

Chrome"s dark mode has lots of advantages from Google"s web browser, and it"s easy to use. For di động users, making the change will help boost battery life.

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Google has confirmed that apps need less battery power for darker interfaces than those with bright, trắng ones, particularly on devices with OLED displays, where black pixels are actually turned off.

Although the jury is still out on the subject, you might also find that dark mode improves your sleep, since it exposes you khổng lồ less xanh light, which might disturb your circadian rhythm.

Dark mode has already appeared in iOS and Android, alongside macOS & soon Windows 11, so it’s refreshing making the change to dark mode for your browser, since both Google"s Material Design language and Facebook"s lachạy thử refresh are very trắng and bright.

If these reasons sound like a good reason to lớn switch lớn Chrome dark mode, read on to find out how khổng lồ switch in Windows, macOS, Android và iOS.


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Changing Chrome khổng lồ dark mode for Windows 10

1. Enter the Settings menu, choose "Personalization" cliông chồng "Colors" & scroll down to lớn the switch marked "Choose your mặc định tiện ích mode".

2. Change this to lớn "Dark" and all apps with a native sầu dark mode, including Chrome, will change color. There"s no need lớn restart your browser.

Changing Chrome to lớn dark mode for macOS

1. mở cửa "System Preferences", cliông chồng "General", select "Appearance".

2. Select the "Dark" option. As with Windows, all apps with a native dark mode will change automatically with no further đầu vào from you.

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Changing Chrome lớn dark mode for Android 12

1. Dark mode is still an experimental feature in Chrome for Android, so bear in mind that some thiết kế elements might look a little strange. To activate it, enter chrome://flags in the browser"s address bar.

2. Tap the "Search flags" box and enter the work dark. You"ll find two options here: "Android web contents dark mode" and "Android Chrome UI dark mode". If you activate the first option, Chrome will detect if a site"s developers have created a dark version & select it automatically. If there"s no dark version available, the browser will invert the site"s colors. Activating the second option means that the browser interface itself will turn dark.

3. Tap the drop-down menu under each of these options and change the setting lớn "Activated", then restart Chrome.

4. Now open the settings thực đơn, tap "Themes" and select "Dark". If you can"t see the Themes option, restart Chrome again and it should appear.

Changing Chrome lớn dark mode for iPhone and iPad

When Apple released iOS 13, it introduced dark mode to lớn the whole operating system, both for iPhone và iPad tablet.

Since then, Google Chrome for iOS has been updated khổng lồ accommodate this.

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You only need to lớn make sure that Dark Mode is enabled in Settings > Display > Dark Mode, and Chrome will reflect this.

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