Out for revenge


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----------------------------------------I knew Komoto lớn had khổng lồ be out of commission.

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So, I have to lớn admit, I was wrong about who the culprit was.......though how anyone could conclude that a random person who had lượt thích 10 seconds of screen time in the last episode would kết thúc up being the killer is beyond me, & seems like a horribly written mystery. Even Detective sầu Kogorou was confused how he unconsciously solved the crime if he never even met the guy. That line was a little funny though.

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Otosaka-san the Chekhov's Gun character. And what's the moral here, kids? Never try saving someone from the river! This totally can make you rethink your altruism và turn you inlớn murdering blackmailing quái nhân.Just watch from the side, maybe snap some pictures and put them on Instagram!
This was Saw-esque. In the the sense of that the culprit was as random as introducing new disciples of Kramer. More anime original next week. I grew khổng lồ love sầu these stupid cases.
The conclusion lớn this mystery is indeed taking the definition of the 'Chekhov's Gun' narrative device as literally as possible. I guess that every piece of this clumsy puzzle had to fit somewhere - but my God did they ever want khổng lồ suprise the audience without never really considering what would and should have sầu worked in the first place. This double episode detective feature was quite embarrassing lớn watch really.The cài đặt of the whole case was not 'too' bad I suppose - of course it has been done to death already, but that is to be expected with Detective sầu Conan (more so in the case of filler episodes). At least, it was decently reminiscent lớn a Christie mystery (even making some very unsubtle callbacks to the 'ABC Murders' book) - yet I feel like the writer had no idea on how to tackle, and especially how to lớn challenge such a premise. Indeed, the conversations between the detectives & the suspects did not make any sense: like, they feared for their lives (and rightfully so), while at same time shrugging in the face of it, giving the shaft lớn the one guy who was supposed to lớn protect them, & laughing at their old friend's death. I get that these suspects were written as as*holes, & that the audience should not be bothered with their safety - but that should not be an excuse for poorly-written characters. This show is actually quite bad at writing unempathetic suspects without falling into lớn the very tropey 'd*ckhead' territory.Thus, it goes without saying that such a subpar writing also ended on a subpar conclusion: 'nonsensical', it was. The guy was moved by this other guy's "tragic backstory", and decided khổng lồ carry on the murders - not for moral's sake mind you, no of course there had khổng lồ be a financial reason behind all of this dump. Kudos lớn the staff, they ticked all the right boxes on how not to write a compelling detective story.Gosh am I also so tired of filler episodes not providing a single explanation as khổng lồ why Conan and Kogoro have to lớn participate in a case that vì not concern them in the slightest: 'the news has mentioned that a corpse was found', & 'we saw your Police car parked near this building' are not acceptable reasons. If you want your dumb characters lớn be there, then write them in properly - hiding your dumb narrative sầu choice behind a silly joke (that has worn out for more than ten years now) is testament lớn how shitty your story is. Though, I am afraid that this last statement is the 'Credo' of this show's original episodes. Taking inlớn account how terrible this year's filler cases have sầu been, I am really surprised that the TV ratings did not plummet. I am very well aware that Japanese people swore fealty to lớn Detective Conan, but there have khổng lồ be better things lớn watch and/or vì on a Starurday evening, right?

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