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How to lớn convert a M4A to a M4R file?

Choose the M4A file that you want to convert. Select M4R as the the format you want lớn convert your M4A file lớn. Cliông chồng "Convert" khổng lồ convert your M4A file. Pro Tip: The mặc định player for M4A files is through Apple iTunes, however you can also use Quicktime.

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M4A (Audio)

File extension .m4a
Category Audio File
Description M4A audio files were developed to enable easy sharing of digital music, audiobook content, podcasts. It was generally intended as the successor to lớn MP3 and the file unique is better và tệp tin sizes smaller compared khổng lồ MP3 files. M4A files sound better than MP3 files when encoded at the same bit rate due lớn some of the enhancements. It"s the mặc định audio format for Apple products, Nintenbởi vì products, Android, Blackberry, PlayStation, và many in-dash music systems in cars.
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Technical Details M4A is a tệp tin encoded with advanced audio coding (AAC) & is implemented with AAC compression standards or ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) specifications. This effectively means that they can be decoded baông chồng lớn their original unique they were at the point of compression. It was developed by Apple and it only contains audio data, rather than MP4 which contains both audio & video. An added benefit of M4A files are that they do not carry any Digital Rights Management protection.

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Associated programs Android PhonesAndroid TabletApple QuickTime PlayerApple iTunesVLCiPadiPhone
Developed by Apple
MIME type audio/m4a
Useful links What is an M4A file?Apple LosslessM4A Converter

M4R (Audio)

File extension .m4r
Category Audio File
Description The M4R is an iPhone ringtone tệp tin that is essentially a renamed AAC (m4a) tệp tin. Not all iTunes Music Store songs can be used lớn create M4R ringtones. In order to lớn create an M4R ring tone from an iTunes tuy vậy, the tuy vậy must allow for M4R ringtone creation. An M4R ring tone is automatically transferred to lớn a user"s iPhone when the iPhone is synced with the user"s computer.

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Technical Details M4R is essentially a renamed AAC (M4A) file - it is similar khổng lồ MP3 but compresses the digital audio files further. It is part of the MPEG-4 standard & is specified in the ISO/IEC standard 14496-3. It is a lossy algorithm much lượt thích AAC & MP3. M4R supports auditory masking - essentially discarding data with minimal loss of unique.
Associated programs Apple QuickTime PlayerApple iTunes
Developed by Apple
MIME type audio/aac
Useful links Larger guide lớn M4RMore detail on the MPEG4 formatM4R Converter

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