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Apple boasts that the camera on the new iPhone 5 is their best yet. Smaller, faster, four times more sensitive sầu in dlặng light, a new panorama mode, all shielded under a scratch-resistant cover. Is this the phone that will kill the ahtq.vnpact camera? Read on for a hands-on reviews of the iPhone 5 camera for photographers.

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Brisbane"s New Farm Park. Iphone 5, 1/2300s, f/2.4, ISO 50. Unretouched panorama

If you’re used lớn shooting with a dedicated camera, an iPhone might not seem lớn pose much of a threat to traditional cameras. Sure, it’s always with you, but it’s got a tiny sensor, a tiny lens that’s always exposed to scratches, no optical zoom, no real flash, và little by way of manual controls. Everyone knows that the iPhones 4 & 4s are the two most-used cameras on Flickr, but they’re not for serious photos, right?

Yet sales of ahtq.vnpact cameras are plummeting, particularly those with smaller zooms, và many people are pointing the finger at smartphones as the cause.

This article take a detailed look at the iPhone 5 camera from two angles: firstly ahtq.vnpared lớn its predecessor, the iPhone 4s, to see what’s improved in the world"s most popular camera. But I’ll also look at how it performs as a regular, dedicated camera. That’s almost certainly not being fair – the iPhone 5 is not trying to be just a camera. But at AU$1,000 for an outright purchase of the top Mã Sản Phẩm, plus the cost of using it as a phone, it"ll hit your pocket just as hard as an expensive camera. So how good is it?

With this update to the iPhone 5, Apple stuck with the same eight megapixels, the same angle of view for its five-element lens, the same fixed f/2.4 aperture and the same 4:3 aspect ratio. So on the surface it sounds similar to lớn the iPhone 4s. In the launch keynote, Apple said they had made the job harder for the camera design team by making the camera volume 25% smaller. The sensor và the lens on the iPhone 5 are both smaller than on the iPhone 4s, và photographers know that bigger - not smaller - normally means better. But Apple also promised that the iPhone 5 gives better image unique than the iPhone 4s. Pictures in low-light are said to lớn be improved with a “Dynamic low-light mode” that ahtq.vnbines pixels together lớn give sầu up to lớn four times the sensitivity, & a “smart filter” that chooses which areas of a picture need noise reduction (or de-speckling), and which areas don’t. They also promised better-aligned lens elements for a clearer picture, và 40% faster phokhổng lồ capture. All but one of these promised improvements lie with better image signal processing, not with the camera hardware. So have sầu the digital improvements been able to lớn improve sầu the pictures, despite shrinking the camera?


Brisbane"s South Bank. iPhone 5, 1/120s, f/2.4, ISO 200. Unretouched panorama straight from the phone.

In the hand

The iPhone 5 keeps essentially the same layout as the iPhone 4s, and everything falls lớn hvà in the same way. The camera ứng dụng makes use of the extra screen height khổng lồ give a bigger view, but this crops the left và right edges from the view, so when held vertically, your pictures actually record more at the sides than you saw in the app.

Tap-to-focus-and-set-brightness works as before, but you notice a change as soon as you take your first picture: the speed.

Speed demon

The iPhone 5 camera feels much more responsive than the iPhone 4s camera. It opens faster, saves faster và you can shoot photos in quicker succession than with the iPhone 4s. You can literally hammer at the button lớn shoot lots of pictures, and it almost keeps up with you. It certainly makes the 4s feel pedestrian by ahtq.vnparison. Just as with dedicated cameras, the main delay now with the iPhone 5 is waiting for it lớn acquire focus, and it seems to focus at the same pace as the 4s. That pace is very slow ahtq.vnpared lớn a DSLR, but not bad for a ahtq.vnpact camera. Once focus is locked, just lượt thích the 4s, it shoots the instant that you take your finger off the button. Or you can also shoot by pressing either of the volume buttons on the phone or on the headphones as a remote-control.

Picture quality

The iPhone 5 gives a different look to pictures ahtq.vnpared lớn the iPhone 4s, and you can see the difference in these HDR shots.

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iPhone 4s, HDR mode on. 1/590s, f/2.4, ISO 64. Unretouched image straight from phone


iPhone 5, HDR mode on. 1/640s, f/2.4, ISO 50. Unretouched image straight from phone

The iPhone 5 has filtered the picture more heavily khổng lồ remove "noise" or speckling - this will be the work of the improved Image Signal Processor (ISP) that Apple touted at the launch. Apple said it intelligently recognises areas (such as blue sky) that can safely be softened, from detailed areas that can"t. But all of these filters inevitably smooth over a little bit of detail, so there is a trade-off. I find it"s a personal choice how much smoothing different people like. Some like the clean, soft look, while others prefer grit and svào edges.

For my taste, the smoothing on the iPhone 5 is a little too heavy-handed, but its photos bởi respond well to boosting contrast and "sharpening" tools in apps such as Snapseed, or in desktop software that can add more "bite" lớn the picture. Much of the crispness difference between the two shots above sầu can be restored that way, so the iPhone 5 shots are well-suited lớn editing. But I miss the initial punch of the iPhone 4s shots.

How vì chưng iPhone 5 photos staông chồng up against dedicated cameras & the iPhone 4s?

This series of photos ahtq.vnpares the same scene shot on different cameras.

All of the cameras were set khổng lồ base ISO where possible, và hand-held with a shutter tốc độ that would be unlikely to cause blur (the slowest was 1/60th second on the NIkon D3), and focus was phối on the trees towards the right of the frame that were around 80m away. The light was overcast, & slight rain took away some of the contrast in the pictures. I took several shots at different exposures and chose the images that where closest matched for brightness. Afterwards, I checked the files for camera-shake on the ahtq.vnputer - not seeing any isn"t a guarantee that they"re 100% as sharp as they can be, however. All of the photos except for two pairs are untouched jpegs straight from the camera. To get the most out of the Nikon and Panasonic cameras, I also shot raw format as well as jpegs, and treated these raw files lớn a full round of sharpening in Adobe Lightroom 4 to my taste. The pictures below show 100% crops from the centre of the main picture, & also from the extreme right h& side because some lenses gives softer pictures at the edges.

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The cameras have sầu different numbers of megapixels, và these screen views are enlarged to make the pixels the same kích thước, khổng lồ show all the detail that each camera can capture. The smallest are the iPhone shots - they represent an enlargement 115cm wide, while the largest are those from the Canon, which represent a picture just over 150centimet wide.

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