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Radio Sidewinder is a bạn run, unofficial radio station for Elite: Dangerous

commanders. We broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a phối of ambient, electro, techno và space themed music to lớn complement & entertain your adventures in the universe. We include Elite Dangerous related news, jingles, ads & in-game information.

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Listen to Radio Sidewinder wherever you are!

Whether you are in your cockpit exploring the galaxy or getting some downtime in a spaceport, Radio Sidewinder has you covered via our free music players for browsers & personal communication devices.

How you can lớn listen to Radio SidewinderListen using your mobile phone or tablet with our app





The Pilots Lounge

Do you need someone to lớn fly with, or help with outfitting your ship? Or perhaps you just want to discuss the lachạy thử goings on in the ED universe? If so, then our Pilots Lounge is the place for you. Meet và chat with other commanders in our discord …

Radio Sidewinder Crew – clan / group

We have our own player faction in-game – it is called the Radio Sidewinder Crew. If you’d like to join & help us conquer the galaxy then sign up at Inara and join our wing. The Radio Sidewinder Crew.

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Get Involved

Keep up lớn date & join in with the discussions on our Discord server. We are also on Twitter, Facebook, & Youtube.

Help out on Radio Sidewinder

Radio Sidewinder is growing & we’d love you to be part of it. Cheông chồng out our current vacancies or perhaps you’d lượt thích to advertise khổng lồ our growing audience.

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Some tracks are licensed under an attribution license và these are provided on our credits page.

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