Brigandine: the legend of forsena

I'm not sure if this will be allowed here since it says playstation game. But imma try anyway cause i'm desperate for an answer. So my switch version of this game is EU in region, I already tried changing my user and switch region khổng lồ europe and all the other regions except japan. Supposedly there is a version 1.5 something but mine says version 1.0 is the lathử nghiệm. Any answer will be most appreciated. Thanks!


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What if Brigandine LoR was released on PC???

I expect it wouldn't take too long for some mods to lớn come out. One of the first mods would be a gian lận that incorporates music from Brigandine Loaf. One of the slower but larger mods would be a project to lớn recreate the previous games using the new engine.

Just lượt thích most niđậy games a PC version with modding could lead lớn a larger audience. Sadly at this point I think it's unlikely but a man can dream.

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As a longtime bạn, I was extremely excited about the new game & I've enjoyed it thoroughly, however it seems like Happinet has moved on. Will there be any more updates? If they released a DLC would you buy it? At this point, I am worried this is being considered a failure khổng lồ them or their investors.

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Anyone got a good rule of thumb or proper guide about how lớn make unit compositions? I really suông chồng at it & could no find any guide as to which units are good for what and what is a good composition for your rune knight attacking parties.

Let's say, ba'al, just cause I snagged hlặng last, was recruited by another nation. Are they able to lớn get recruited after defeating that nation entirely? Or forever locked? Cause I keep questing but never finding knights before most get snagged by the other nations dedicated to lớn the Playstation game Brigandine: Legover of Forsena / Grvà Edition và now The Legkết thúc of Runersia! Post anything related khổng lồ the game!

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