Anker powercore fusion 5000 review: it's all you need, really

I’m excited about an AC adapter. It’s a weird thing khổng lồ be hyped about, but this one is special because it is about the most cutting-edge thing you can use to lớn charge your máy vi tính. It’s called the Anker PowerCore Fusion Power nguồn Delivery Battery & Charger, which is more lượt thích a string of buzzwords than an actual hàng hóa name. I’ll be calling it the Powerbộ vi xử lý Core PD, which may or may not help you differentiate it from the other PowerChip Core Fusion products that Anker makes.

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It costs $99.95, which is a lot lớn pay for a third-buổi tiệc nhỏ (or any) charger. Why so much? First off, it uses gallium nitride (GaN) instead of silinhỏ in its circuits, which allows it to be much smaller than comparable chargers. Second, it has a 5,000mAh battery built in, so you can use it as an external power paông xã. Third, it uses industry-standard USB-C nguồn Delivery khổng lồ provide 30W of charge from the brichồng to lớn your laptop. (I get hyped about weird things, okay?) Fourth, it has a second USB-A jaông xã on it for charging a second device, providing up to 12W on that port. Its power prongs even hide away when it’s not in use, allowing it khổng lồ take up less space in my bag.

Put those four things together, & you get a charging brichồng that can theoretically replace your old AC adapter and the external battery you keep trucking around in your bag. “One fewer thing” is a big selling point for me, so I spent the hundred bucks.

I’m less excited now that I’ve sầu used it, but that’s mainly because, really, how excited can even a geek like me get about a charger?

From left lớn right: Apple 61W adapter, Apple 87W adapter, Anker Powercore PD. I’ve sầu been using the PowerVi xử lý Core PD with a 13-inch Táo MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, & I don’t really recommover it for that computer. Yes, it does charge the computer despite only providing 30W, but it’s not especially fast. It is, unsurprisingly, about half as fast as the 61W charger that comes with the laptop. It’s been able khổng lồ keep ahead of how quickly the battery can drain when I’m doing something fairly intensive sầu, but not by a ton. In the over, for my MacBook phiên bản Pro, I’m going lớn stick with my current wall wart, an Aukey 56.5W adapter with a secondary USB-A port.

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If you have sầu a computer that’s less power-hungry than a Apple MacBook Pro — say, a Windows Ultrabook, a Chromebook, or a MacBook Air — I could see a reason to buy this thing. In my case, I have sầu one of the newer USB-C iPad Pros and a Pixelbook, and this will be the charger I put in my bag when I’m traveling with just one of them. It charges up my máy tính bảng ipad Pro much faster than the 18W adapter that comes in the box. (For reference, Apple’s first-các buổi tiệc nhỏ 30W adapter is $49.)



As an external battery, it works just as you’d expect. At 5,000mAh, it’s able khổng lồ provide enough juice to lớn charge your phone, but one of the things you probably care about in a spare battery is pocket-ability. You can fit this thing in a pocket; it’s more chunky than my Anker Powerbộ vi xử lý Core 13000 C USB-C battery paông xã.

On a lark, I tried to lớn charge my Apple MacBook phiên bản Pro with just the PowerVi xử lý Core PD, và under even a moderate load (streaming HBO), the best it could manage was keeping the battery from draining for 30 minutes or so. That’s useful in a pinch, maybe, but, again, it’s much more useful for phones, an iPad tablet Pro, or a lower-wattage computer.

The trade-offs you’ll be making with the (deep breath) Anker PowerVi xử lý Core Fusion Power nguồn Delivery Battery & Charger (phew) is that it will be larger on its own than either your AC adapter or your external battery. It will surely be smaller than the two of those things put together, but I’m not sure that’s worth $99.95 for most people.

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