11 mecha anime series to revive your childhood robot dreams

15 Best Mephụ thân Anime Ever Methân phụ is a staple genre of manga and anime. From Gundam to Evangelion, here are the best mecha series ever.

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With roots dating bachồng to the late "50s, the mephụ thân genre is easily one of the oldest & most varied in all of anime. The genre has been used as a vehicle khổng lồ tell stories about war, featuring kids barely in their teenagers barely holding it together in a world where every day could be their last. Then there"s the merchandising. It’s been used as a way to sell as many toys, clothes, games, and other merch to as many children as possible.

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It can be a bit daunting lớn figure out the igiảm giá khuyến mãi way around this animated world where there are hundreds of possible shows khổng lồ watch. Fortunately, this menu will focus on ten of the best mecha anime series of all time, so new viewers can have sầu a place khổng lồ begin and more experienced ones can feel superior for having watched them all, or figure out what series they’ve got lớn watch next.

Updated by Kristy Ambrose, December 22nd, 2020: Mephụ thân is the genre of which anime dreams are made, và it"s still one of the oldest, most popular, & most varied of the lot. Anti-Methân phụ, a modern interpretation of the genre that has been with us since the 1990s, asks some serious questions about the nature of humans and machines along with entertaining us with a lot of big giant robots. This concept has formed the basis for modern television và movies based on science fiction, fantasy, and even horror. This danh sách barely scratches the surface with ten entries, so we"ve sầu added a few more of the best anime mecha ever khổng lồ what will likely be an ever-expanding danh mục.

Chiriteo Cuvie was a special forces Armored Trooper pilot in the Gilgamesh Federation assigned khổng lồ an espionage mission. When his mission goes bad, he is abandoned và left to enemy forces of the Balarant Union. After making a narrow escape, Chirico goes on the run to discover the truth behind his mission.

Armored Trooper VOTOMS exists for the mephụ vương bạn that enjoys gritty action, with scenes & sometimes entire arcs being reminiscent of the Vietnam giới War or D-Day. Though later parts take away some of the realism, most of the series feels like someone wanted to create a cyberpunk universe but add giant robots khổng lồ it.

Hideaki Anno và GAINAX’s Evangelion is one of the most well-known và popular mephụ thân anime series of all time. A deconstruction of popular methân phụ anime of its era, NGE influenced both the mecha genre and anime in general, which it continues khổng lồ bởi vì so nearly twenty-five sầu years after it’s release.

Nonetheless, very few of those subsequent series match up to lớn the original, which is what makes it a must-watch. For any mephụ thân tín đồ looking for something different, whether it’s plotting or character development, or even something as “simple” as mephụ thân kiến thiết, Evangelion has that in spades.

A chất lượng mecha-fantasy crossover that was part of the experimental anime invasion of the late 1990s, The Vision of Escaflowne is a combination of action, adventure, and high art. The series is phối in a steampunk-fantasy world & told from the point of view of teenager Hitomày, who is pulled from the mundane world of her high school onlớn the war-torn planet of Gaea.

The mecha in this series are the Escaflowne, mystical robots that fight for the King of Fanelia, a young man called Van. The visuals are pretty stunning, & some of the palace intrigue is as interesting as the wartime action on the ground. This is an ideal crossover genre for those who like anime that"s more than strictly mephụ thân.

12 Gundam Build Fighters

Gundam Build Fighters gave a much needed shot in the arm to lớn the Gundam franchise as a whole. Vastly different from anything that came before it, Build Fighters takes place in a universe where Gundam is just an anime, but special giải pháp công nghệ has allowed them to lớn move plastic Gundam models & use them in Gundam battles and tournaments.

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Build Fighters doesn’t just pay homage khổng lồ some of the best Gundam designs across all eras of the franchise, it also features cameos from so many Gundam characters some fans have sầu taken to lớn calling it Gundam Heaven. Aside from being a xinh tươi series that can be watched by children, Build Fighters has some of the best fight scenes not only in Gundam but in mephụ thân history.

Takara finished off their “Braves” franchise with a bang, as GaoGaiGar leans as heavily inlớn the realm of hot-blooded heroes and Super Robot action as possible. The series sees the secret organization Gutsy Geoid Guard stvà together against the Zonderians, an alien race seeking lớn turn humans inkhổng lồ robots.

Although the anime is definitely meant for kids, GaoGaiGar is still entertaining enough in the first half (and drama-filled enough in the second) that anyone could enjoy. Plus, the methân phụ designs were done by the creator of the original Transformers, which should be enough to lớn lure in any giant robot tín đồ with a love sầu of the ’80s.

10 Bubblegum Crisis

Think of Claymore, but with robots suits và other high-tech toys instead of medieval weapons. This time the all-female team is known as the Knight Sabers and they fight using high-tech exo-suits. The show has a similarly dark tone as Well, with callbacks lớn other dystopian future fiction lượt thích Blade Runner. The show was released in North America in 1991, and it was one of the few to lớn arrive sầu unedited và uncut.

Bubblegum Crisis is not only popular in its own right, but inspired a few notable spinoffs such as Bubblegum Crash, and crossover appearances in other anime. The cyberpunk setting that this show also popularized has also been used in other shows, like A.D. Police Files and Parasite Dolls.

Studio GAINAX has a great traông xã record with mephụ vương anime. In the mid-’90s, they deconstructed robots with Evangelion, & in the late 2000’s they presented the world with one of the best Super Robot anime in Gurren Lagann. The series begins when Simon & Kamimãng cầu, two teens who live underground, find a giant robot and make the choice lớn go khổng lồ the surface, where they learn of an alien force battling humanity to lớn keep them as slaves underground.

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Gurren Lagann contains all the hotblooded energy anyone could ever want from a Super Robot series, as the show continuously tops each insane feat with something more over the top almost every episode.

8 Super Dimensional Fortress Macross

Macross proves that it’s easy khổng lồ combine two things that theoretically should have nothing in common lớn create something great. Essentially, it’s like the Reese’s of anime. After an alien battleship lands on Earth, humanity experiences rapid growth in technology as they figure out its tech...just in time khổng lồ wind up locked in battle with a different alien race known as the Zentraedi.

While Macross is loved for its dogfight combat scenes, what really helps it stand out are all the love sầu stories happening in the background. Oh, and the addition of an idol whose songs wind up helping to bring peace lớn the galaxy. There’s nothing quite lượt thích Macross in the mephụ vương world.

When it debuted on Japanese television in 1963, it introduced the style that we now know as anime, và the genre was mephụ vương. Astro Boy— a modern retelling of Pinocchio only with a robot instead of a puppet— was the first anime character that most kids outside of nhật bản were introduced khổng lồ before the concept even officially existed.

The 1980s version that is most widely associated with the character is actually a remake of the previous series that aired in the 1960s. This series, along with the titular character, still enjoys a loyal fanbase and continues khổng lồ generate revenue in the khung of movies, animated shows, và a whole universe of merchandising. The original manga, which was first published in serialized khung in 1952, was finally translated inlớn English in 2002 by Dark Horse comics.

6 Gundam 00

What if Gundam Wing were done with a more coherent storyline & an equal focus on all the main characters? That’s Gundam 00, a series that takes the very similar approach of Gundam Wing by having a group of teenage boys piloting superior thiết bị di động suits and attacking locations around the world.

In Gundam 00’s case though, that group is Celestial Being, an organization dedicated to lớn forcibly stopping all conflict in the world by shutting down both sides with superior military might. Though the movies get a little weird, the two television shows boast some of the best storytelling và methân phụ designs that Gundam has ever had.

Though Macross 7 never quite gets its just due, series creator Shoji Kawamori still managed to lớn bring the franchise baông xã lớn prominence with 2008’s Macross Frontier. Set 50 years after the original Macross series, Frontier focuses on the colonization group aboard the actual Macross Frontier ship.

Acknowledging the popularity of the musical aspect of the original series, Frontier sees not one but two different idols: Ranka Lee, a young girl working towards becoming a legendary singer, and Sheryl Nome, the so-called “Galactic Fairy” already known across the stars. Both girls get involved with Alto lớn Saotome, a pilot protecting the Frontier, just as a new alien threat known as the Vajra appear.

4 Appleseed

The same artist responsible for Ghost in the Shell, Masuasume Shirow, also created the manga that formed the basis for the Appleseed anime franchise. The animated feature made by Gainax deviates a great khuyến mãi from the original work, with only the setting & characters being common threads.

The plot of the anime focuses on a dystopian society made up of humans, robots, and a combination of the two known as bioroids. Deunan và Briareos, the two main characters, are bioroids with varying levels of either robotic implants or highly skilled in how to use mechanical items like exo-suits. There are a lot of cool toys to lớn watch here along with a fun và exciting plotline that focuses on the action và adventure instead of the existential questions typically associated with the genre.

The Special Vehicles Unit is a group of officers assigned lớn khuyễn mãi giảm giá with crimes involving Labors, large robots designed for industrial usage. Patlabor is vastly different from nearly any mephụ vương anime show most people have sầu ever viewed, being as much a police procedural as it is a giant robot series.

In truth, the show has more in comtháng with the Barney Miller Show than it does an average Gundam series, with the primary characters spending as much time filing reports and performing maintenance on their giant robots, as they spend solving crimes. For fans who were looking for a series that can vày comedy & slice-of-life adventures as well as it does the action, Patlabor is the perfect show.

2 thiết bị di động Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team

08th MS Team is flawless. Its beautiful "90s animation is just as good today as it was when it first released. It manages khổng lồ be a better “Real Robot” than even the original Gundam series by jettisoning all the talk of NewTypes and psychic connections và sticking to lớn being a war drama in the sweltering jungle.

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Without all the absurdly talented pilots, every combat encounter is tense và it’s always in question which side will find a way to win. That said, the series doesn’t take itself overly serious either, managing khổng lồ sneak a romance in as well as discuss the downtime that all soldiers (even ones at war) are inevitably stuông chồng with.

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The definitive sầu anime of the 1990s that inspired a whole generation of anime & live-action films, the franchise has been moving along steadily since the first movie debuted more than trăng tròn years ago. The tone & style of the anime have sầu changed a lot since then, but it"s never touched the same màn chơi of storytelling and chất lượng that it had in the 1990s.

More recent movies & series are prequels, so depending on your personal tastes you might like the older stuff better, or vice versa. The whole franchise is worth watching, with special note going out to lớn the only direct sequel to lớn the original film, Innocence, which broke new ground combining traditional hand-drawn anime with CGI

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