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Angel Stone is a free-to-play, dungeon crawler action RPG on thiết bị di động devices with high quality graphics, fast-paced action combat, an apocalyptic, dark fantasy world, tap and gesture controls, quality stage pathing and skill unlocking systems, và real-time co-op and PVPhường.

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Publisher: FinconPlayerbase: HighType: Mobile RPGRelease Date: July 30, 2015Pros: +High chất lượng graphics. +Dark, apocalyptic fantasy theme. +Unique stage path system. +Intuitive sầu tap and gesture controls.Cons: -Can feel a little automated. -Energy system limits gameplay.



Angel Stone Overview

Angel Stone is a 3D stage-based action RPG developed and published by Finnhỏ, the creators of the popular social RPG, Hello Hero. Join the Resistance và save the world from an onslaught of undead and demonic creatures. Play as one of three quality classes (Berserker, Gunslinger, và Shadow Mage). Play through over 60 stages in a beautifully rendered, fully 3 chiều world. Immerse yourself in the dark fantasy setting, lore, and story. Collect over 100 skills and mix and match them for the ultimate combination. Defeat your foes with innovative sầu tap and gesture controls designed for điện thoại devices. Gear up with many different weapons and armor for your character. Team up with other players in real-time co-op or challenge them in PVP..

Angel Stone Features:

Dark Fantasy World – Explore an apocalyptic world filled with undead & demons in instanced zones divided inkhổng lồ many stages.High Quality 3 chiều Graphics – Top notch visuals and animations created with the Unity Engine bring forth a more immersive sầu experience.Action Combat with Gesture Controls – Play through each stage with intuitive sầu tap and gesture controls that make the game easy to lớn piông chồng up & play.Over 100 Skills – Collect and unlock over 100 skills to customize your character in many different ways.Co-op Party System – Party with other players và defeat powerful bosses in the Co-op tiệc nhỏ system.

Angel Stone Screenshots





Full Review

Angel Stone Review

By, Herman Y.

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Angel Stone is a free-to-play, 3D dark fantasy action RPG developed & published by Finbé, a Korea-based mobile game developer most known for their social RPG, Hello Hero, one of the first hero-collecting RPGs on mobile. Prior lớn Angel Stone’s release, Finbé released a stunning CG trailer that depicted the game as a Devil May Cry và Bayonetta hybrid, which created a lot of hype, although the actual gameplay is more like the Diablo game series. Angel Stone launched globally on July 30, 2015 for sản phẩm điện thoại and PC (via Facebook) and reached over 100,000 downloads within the first week. The game is cross-platform and Android, iOS, và PC players can play with other, as well as continue their character’s progress on any of these platforms. Although the game was designed with điện thoại in mind, the controls work well on PC too. Angel Stone features high chất lượng graphics, casual gameplay, & chất lượng features that makes it a compelling di động (& PC) RPG lớn try out.

Character Creation và Classes

Players can choose one of three classes & male or female when the game begins. These classes include Berserker, Gunslinger, and Shadow Mage. Berserkers are headstrong, melee warriors equipped with heavy armor & great swords and gauntlets. They have sầu a special Rage bar lớn use for skills & have sầu strong defense, but low attack power and crowd control. Gunslingers are swift, ranged shooters equipped with muskets và revolvers. They depover on Focus (which regenerates every 5 seconds) for their abilities và have sầu high attack power, low defense, và great crowd control. Finally, Shadow Mages are mid-ranged, dark magicians armed with scythes, spears, and wands. Their Mana regenerates every second và they have sầu powerful spells even though they fight in melee range. They are the most balanced of the three classes & have sầu average attack power, defense, và crowd control. Each class plays very differently, has different abilities & strategies for combat, và are fairly quality compared khổng lồ other games. Although players can customize their character’s appearance with various in-game weapons và armor, there is, unfortunately, no appearance customization during the Character Creation.

Unique Stage Pathing System

Like most free-to-play di động RPGs, Angel Stone’s world is divided inkhổng lồ instanced stages, which are further divided into lớn Acts represented by various locations on the World Map. Each Act has 10 stages and each stage is fairly linear although players can go bachồng & trả lời stages using a different path. Angel Stone has a quality Pathing system upon beginning a stage, in which players must draw a path from their start point khổng lồ the finish. Each stage/bản đồ is depicted as a 3x3 grid before the stage begins & each cell can have an object, such as equipment, Angel Stone shards (for unlocking skills), enemies, and more. Some of the grid cells are grayed out such that players cannot choose khổng lồ go through every cell and are forced to make a forked decision. Therefore, players cannot obtain every nhà cửa on the grid the first time around. After drawing a path, players are placed into lớn the stage & move through the maps as indicated by their drawn path. Each stage is filled with waves of enemies & a boss battle at the over. Completing stages give gold, experience, & loot, and each stage is fairly short, lasting from 1-5 minutes. Each stage also takes up some energy lớn play, which gradually refills on its own, but limits how much players can play each day.

High Quality Graphics

Angel Stone has really top notch graphics. It was made with Unity Engine & features some of the best looking visuals in a Mobile game. Angel Stone takes place in a dark, apocalyptic fantasy world và players will fight through a world filled with undead creatures & demons including zombies, imps, zealots, & mythical beasts. The environments are very atmospheric with a dark, gloomy look & each map is highly detailed with buildings, ground designs, rain/water effects, flame & smoke, plants, a wide variety in objects such as gravestones, and more. The skill effects are flashy và the game has a lot of cool AOE skills. The bosses are big và ugly in a good way và all the undead monsters and characters are well-designed. The animations are also very fluid và the attacks are impactful. High quality visuals await future players of Angel Stone.

Tap-based, Gesture-controlled kích hoạt Combat

Unlike the usual “joystiông chồng to lớn move và button to lớn attack” Smartphone RPG controls, Angel Stone uses more quality tap and gesture controls. Players can tap the ground khổng lồ move and tap on enemies lớn attaông xã them & there are gesture controls, such as swiping in different directions, lớn activate specific skills. Personally, I would have sầu preferred a virtual joystick lớn move sầu for a game lượt thích this but the tap movement definitely works better with the gesture controls. There is also an “Aulớn move và attack” button which makes your character automatically move sầu & attack enemies but leaves players lớn manually use skills on their own. There is also a “Move lớn nearest enemy” button without the auto-attaông chồng, which is useful for guiding players lớn where they need lớn go. Initially, the “Aukhổng lồ move & attack” option makes the game feel very casual và automated, but it becomes less useful at higher levels. As the game becomes more difficult, players will have sầu khổng lồ manually control their characters in order to dodge enemy attacks và fight more efficiently. Because of this, I would say that the game is not completely automated. The combat itself is quite fast-paced, similar in style khổng lồ Diablo, and can get fairly strategic and challenging as the game becomes more difficult. Certain skills can also be used in combination to khuyến mãi more damage.


Each class has a separate mix of abilities that can be unlocked via Angel Stone Shards. Previously, I mentioned that Angel Stone Shards (for random skills) can appear in the “stage pathing” before beginning a stage và that is mainly how players will unlochồng new skills, with the exception of some story-based skills. After collecting a certain amount of Angel Stone Shards for a specific skill, that skill can be unlocked, và collecting more of these Shards can be used khổng lồ upgrade the skill. Skills can be leveled up with gold in the Angel Stone menu but upgrading a skill to make it even more powerful requires a certain amount Angel Stone Shards for that skill. Once a skill is unlocked, players are không tính tiền to lớn use và màn chơi it up khổng lồ their liking. Skills in Angel Stone include single-target damage/debuff, AOE damage/debuff, poisoning, healing, self-buffing, & more. There are also skills to lớn summon companion pets that fight by your side. These skills can either be activated by pressing the skill inhỏ or by using the proper swipe gesture. Because the gestures are simply swiping in one direction, the gesture skill control works well và is simple to lớn use.

Co-op Partying

In addition khổng lồ the global chat system, Angel Stone has a tiệc nhỏ co-op mode in which players can interact with each other. The co-op mode is in real-time and players can buổi tiệc nhỏ up with 2 other players via an auto-matchmaking system. However, instead of being able to lớn các buổi tiệc nhỏ in every stage in the game, players can only buổi tiệc ngọt in 1 maps per Act, which is a custom map for the Act. The co-op version of these stages are significantly more difficult and longer, but are more fun, although it still lacks interaction due to lớn most people just using the “Auto-move và auto-attack” feature. Players must complete each 10-stage Act in the single-player chiến dịch in order lớn unloông xã the co-op mode for that Act, which ensures that they are ready for it. Unlike the single player stages, the co-op stages have sầu a predetermined path & give sầu out a lot more gold, experience, và equipment. However, the co-op mode has a separate size of energy và players can only buổi tiệc nhỏ for a few times each day. There is also real-time PVPhường, but it is odd & feels more lượt thích playing a PVE stage with some other players around that can attaông chồng you.

Cash Shop/In-App Purchases (IAP)

The in-ứng dụng purchases in Angel Stone are quite reasonable & the game is very generous in giving out không lấy phí Carats (premium currency). The first section of the Shop is the “Magic Shop,” which consists of equipment & Angel Stone Shards for random skills that can be bought with gold or Carats that resets every couple of hours (as in the các mục of items changes every couple of hours). The Magic Shop starts with 4 cống phẩm listings và more slots (for more items) can be purchased with Carats. With Carats, players can also purchase & open chests that contain Angel Stone skills, in-game gold (for upgrading skills or purchasing from the Magic Shop), 30% gold và experience boosts, & energy. There is also a free chest with random items players can open every 7 hours (which can include Carats). The game also gives out a lot of Carats for free from login rewards, achievements, và completing quests. Overall, the in-phầm mềm purchases are fair and Finnhỏ gives out quite a bit of Carats for không tính tiền. Spending money will give players slight advantages in better skills và equipment và will allow them to lớn fill up their energy lớn play longer. From what I’ve sầu seen, Angel Stone doesn’t really have a paywall as long as players are willing khổng lồ grind & farm like most other online RPGs.

Final Verdict – Great

Angel Stone is a fun, high quality mobile RPG by Finnhỏ with many chất lượng features. With impressive graphics, a quality dark, apocalyptic theme, fast-paced combat, & intuitive tap & gesture controls, Angel Stone is a great RPG to lớn try out despite the slightly automated gameplay.

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Angel Stone Screenshots


Angel Stone Videos


Angel Stone Links

Angel Stone Official SiteAngel Stone Google PlayAngel Stone iOSAngel Stone Facebook Page

System Requirements

Angel Stone System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Android 4.0 và up / iOS 7.0 or later

Additional Information

Angel Stone Additional Information

Developer: FinconPublisher: FinconPlatforms: Android, iOSRelease Date: July 30, 2015

Angel Stone was developed and published by Finnhỏ, a Korea-based thiết bị di động game developer and publisher founded by Chung-gil Yu, a gaming enthusiast who put together an all-star team of people that had worked on MMORPGs such as Continent of the Ninth Seal, Archlord, & Reign of Revolution. Fincon is most known for their first mobile game, Hello Hero, a điện thoại hero-collecting RPG with over 14 million downloads worldwide. Angel Stone is Fincon’s second Smartphone game produced with similarly high production value. Angel Stone had a short closed beta testing from June 11, năm ngoái lớn June 15, 2015 và launched globally on July 30, năm ngoái. Angel Stone reached over 100,000 downloads within one week on Google Play, & considering the huge popularity và success of Hello Hero, Angel Stone will likely reach over 1 million downloads within a month.

Angel Stone News

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