Rise of akame ga kill


After numerous attempts and a few failed projects, the Akame ga Kill! game has sadly not moved beyond tín đồ productions. However, there is certainly something very original và heart warming from projects made by fans.

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An Official Attempt

Everything seemed khổng lồ be going well for the Akame ga Kill! anime after a steady fanbase had developed once the anime was aired. Although it may not have sầu reached a particularly high cấp độ of success compared with some of the other more popular anime, it is safe to say that there was a dedicated group of fans that wanted the chance to enjoy this world in a game setting. Considering the action scenes that were found in the anime, it seems as if it would have sầu been a pretty nice game khổng lồ play. But sadly, it was not meant to be.

The sản phẩm điện thoại social game developer GREE created an online version of the game, assembled all the main characters, và began a testing phase where fans could sign up khổng lồ play the game và post comments.



Everything seemed khổng lồ be going well: fans were enjoying it, & some constructive comments were made on how it could be improved, và it just... disappeared.

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Without any explanation, the game was simply removed from the website and a link lớn it even now shows only an error page. Fans were certainly disappointed by this sudden change of heart, but they didn't give sầu up on their wish khổng lồ play the Akame ga Kill! game. And if that means making it with their own bare hands, then so be it!

The Fan Project

Project - Akame Ga Kill is a Facebook page where fans post updates on a game that they are making themselves. Two "young game developers" started this project in September năm trước và they have since gathered quite a following of fans. For those who have sầu no previous experience of what it looks lượt thích when games are being made, this is a great way to lớn find out! They post frequent updates about the game, pictures of characters and interact with fans on their page. As will all bạn projects, it is not about money or precision, but about the need khổng lồ become part of a world that has inspired you and lớn contribute khổng lồ it. If you happen to lớn be a tín đồ of the series, feel miễn phí lớn contribute to their Facebook page và interact with other fans who are also eagerly expecting a game lớn be developed.

There are currently no signs of any other official attempts being made for a game, but the dedication of the fans who have sầu remained strongly connected to the series will surely create an awesome game!

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