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Did Akai really love Akemi?

Postby Tenken » December 21st, 2017, 7:22 pm

It"s been so long since I"ve sầu read those chapters so please remind me: what are the indications that Akai really loved Akemi & didn"t just use her khổng lồ infiltrate the B.O.? As I rethành viên, her last message to hyên was, "If I manage to lớn escape, will you be my real boyfriend?" which implied that she knew she"s being used, but how about Akai? Did he really love her or did he just feel guilty about her death?

As said in the Manga, Akai really fell in love sầu with Akengươi, Although he originally was using her to get inlớn the Blaông xã Organization I think there was a conversation back in Kir"s arc, they talked about how Akemi"s death affected hyên since he really fell in love sầu her.Akengươi Knew she was being used by hyên ổn and was asked why she didn"t leave sầu him since she found out his motive, but she hinted that her love for hyên ổn is the reason why she stayed with hyên ổn despite figuring out he wasn"t serious about her. I personally think that he actually fell in love with her, one reason is that he kept the last message he got from her before her death. He does show that he feels guilty, and especially towards her younger sister (Shiho) Haibara.

Thanks.I only remember that James or Jodie talked about how Akai had cut his long hair after Akemi"s death. He does feel a tremendous guilt & I think he does have some emotions for her. She had touched hyên ổn on an emotional level. But whether he felt/feels lãng mạn love sầu for her, I don"t know, because the guilty feeling can be even bigger because he knew she loved hyên ổn & he couldn"t return her love or didn"t feel the same.

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Akai really loved Akemày, he says as much in that little flashback sequence we get in Chapter 677, where he breaks up with Jodie during the undercover operation because he fell in love sầu with Akengươi.
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Serinox wrote:Akai really loved Akengươi, he says as much in that little flashback sequence we get in Chapter 677, where he breaks up with Jodie during the undercover operation because he fell in love with Akemày.
Yep.File 677, Page 5, Panel 3–Panel 5Panel 3Jodie: "You mean Akemi Miyano? The person involved in the Organization you mentioned before?"Shuichi/Dai: "Yes... that"s why I want to over it with you."Panel 4Jodie: "W-wait a minute! You"re doing it as a part of your undercover job, right? You don"t have sầu khổng lồ break up with me..."Shuichi/Dai: "This is an organization that won"t be destroyed even if I sacrifice you..."Panel 5Shuichi/Dai: "I"m not that capable of a person... to love two women at the same time..."
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