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※No notification will be given in advance for any change in the sản phẩm specifications or in the shipping schedule.

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※Once we have sầu reached the maximum number of pre-orders, we will not be able to accept any further pre-orders.

※Pre-orders may be reopened in the case of increased demand.

※Slight variations in the item"s final appearance & color may occur. Some items are hand-colored, so the colors may be uneven.

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※The unique standard of items depends on the manufactring location.

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An order placed for an thành công that has not yet been released. The thắng lợi will enter production after all orders have been received. Item will be delivered on the pre-determined date.

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"From , JEGAN (Birnam giới type), the di động suit from the mysterious ""Birnam"" unit that led an assault on ""Mastema"", is released in the HGUC series! ● The characteristic head is reproduced with new molding! The head part is reproduced with new molding, with a camera và visor part that differ from the regular Jegan khung. A Sensor Eye that differs amongst each of the Jegan suits organized within the unit can be reproduced by selecting parts. ● The key purple suit coloring is reproduced with colored molding! ● Includes a new model Beam Rifle! New Mã Sản Phẩm Beam Rifle that has Beam Lance fire structuring is reproduced with new molding. Possible khổng lồ remove the Beam Lance as a solo unit. Beam Effects utilize clear orange parts. After Beam Lance fires, the rifle body toàn thân can be used solo as a Sub Machine Gun. ● Includes various weapons to lớn enjoy a wide range of poses! Weapons : New Mã Sản Phẩm Beam Rifle / Beam Rifle / Beam Saber / Shield ""-----------------------------------------1/144 scale assembly plastic modelFor ages 8 và up.Primary materials: :PS・PE・ABS・No adhesives required for assembly-----------------------------------------*The hàng hóa in the picture is painted và is a prototype in development. Actual hàng hóa may differ from image.(Notes)・This product cannot be found in Model kits shops.・This product may be on sale in events or other projects held by our company.・Only a limited number of this hàng hóa is available at "PREMIUM BANDAI". We apologize if we are out of stock on this sản phẩm.・Please note that for this hàng hóa, due lớn the number of produced units, we are limiting the quantity available in each order.・For this product, the shipping date is subject lớn change in some cases depending on application status & production circumstances,Thank you for your understanding.・Product images are in development stage. They may differ from the actual products.・The product specifications are current as of August 2017. We ask for your understanding as they may be subject to change."This sản phẩm has a quota in production.When the quota has been reached, we will stop accepting applications for reservations. Thank you for your understanding.---------------------------

---------------------------“MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM Twilight AXIS”#1 Free streaming now on GUNDAM.INFO!This hàng hóa has a quota in production.When the quota has been reached, we will stop accepting applications for reservations. Thank you for your understanding.


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